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Keith Haring's legacy is not found at the museum

The artist Keith Haring’s 700-foot wraparound frieze at the Woodhull Medical Center in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Sept. 11, 2023. Three decades after his death, his work is still sold on products and in stores, but his concept of public art is most powerfully preserved on the street, writes the New York Times critic Max Lakin. (Sara Hylton/The New York Times)

NEW YORK, NY.- Toward the end of “Radiant: The Life and Line of Keith Haring,” Brad Gooch’s exhaustive new biography, he quotes from a journal entry Haring made after visiting the Museum of Modern Art in 1988 expressing his “sense of injustice” that contemporaries of his “were represented upstairs in the galleries, while he was confined to the lobby gift shop: ‘They have not even shown one of my pieces yet. In their eyes I don’t exist.’” Haring’s frustration surely feels surprising for anyone who is familiar with his work, which is mostly everyone. You needn’t be able to name a Keith Haring picture to recognize it; its vibrating line and electric palette announce itself as efficiently as a neon sign. That was true in 1988, by which time Haring had completed more than 50 murals around the world, largely for hospitals and children’s charities, and was designing Swatch watches and ads for Absolut vodka and Run DMC. And it is more so now, 3 ... More

The Best Photos of the Day

Dinh Q. Le, artist who weighed war and memory, dies at 56   London's Apollo Art Auctions to offer premier antiquities with esteemed provenance, April 27-28   Roni Horn, a restless artist With 4 shows and more identities

The three-channel video from Dinh Q. Le’s “The Farmers and Helicopters,” an installation that included videos of war and interviewee’s reaction, at MoMA in New York, in 2010. (Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times)

NEW YORK, NY.- Dinh Q. Le, a Vietnam-born artist whose best-known work combined and compared the on-the-ground realities of the 20th-century war that devastated his homeland with the fantasy versions of that war projected by Hollywood, died April 6 at his home in Ho Chi Minh City. The death, confirmed by his New York gallery, PPOW, was caused by a stroke. He ... More

Chinese Tang Dynasty terracotta horse, circa 618-907 AD. Stands on rectangular base, has elaborately decorated “saddle cloth” topped with a seat painted with red and green pigments. Highly detailed musculature and facial features. Size: 660mm x 670mm (26in x 26.4in). Weight: 16.02kg (35lbs 5oz). Accompanied by TL testing report from Ralf Kotalla laboratory and Art Loss Register letter. Estimate: 6,000-9,000 ($7,530-$11,300)

LONDON.- Following a triumphant January auction that introduced The Prince Collection, Dr Ivan Bonchev, Director of Apollo Art Auctions, takes pleasure in announcing an April 27-28 auction replete with rare and immensely important cultural artifacts ... More

The Conceptual artist Roni Horn at her studio in New York, Feb. 29, 2024. (Jeanette Spicer/The New York Times)

NEW YORK, NY.- Artist Roni Horn considers herself an “off brand” in more ways than one. “I’m not even sure I’m a visual artist,” she said recently during a visit to her large Manhattan studio, incongruously located in a high-end Chelsea apartment building. Those statements may sound self-deprecating coming from someone with four solo exhibitions at galleries and museums this spring, an unusual number for any artist. But Horn, 68, an intellectually peripatetic conceptualist, has an innate confidence, which may stem from the fact that she does not feel she fits in anywhere, personally or professionally, and never has. So she simply follows her ideas wherever they lead her: What’s the worst that could happen? ... More

Lvy Gorvy Dayan welcomes N. Dash   Auction company CEO and antique advertising expert Rich Penn joins Morphy Auctions in newly-created role   Music catalog giant Hipgnosis agrees to $1.4 billion sale to Concord

N. Dash. GP_24, 2024, earth, acrylic, cardboard corners, graphite, hardware, string, and jute, 84 64 inches (213.4 163.8 cm).

NEW YORK, NY.- Lvy Gorvy Dayan announced their representation of New York-based artist N. Dash. The artist’s first solo exhibition with Lvy Gorvy Dayan opens on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 35 Dover Street in London. This will be Dash’s first solo exhibition in London and the first exhibition at Lvy Gorvy Dayan’s new Mayfair gallery, located in the historic home of the Empress ... More

Rich Penn, who joins Morphy Auctions in the newly-created role of Market Development Officer, and his wife Sharon Penn. Photo by Kodi Steffen.

DENVER, PA.- Dan Morphy, founder and president of Morphy Auctions, announced today that renowned Iowa auction company CEO and antique advertising specialist Rich Penn has joined Morphy’s in the newly-created role of Market Development Officer. From his base in Waterloo, Iowa, Penn will work in tandem with Morphy’s marketing team, which is led by Chief Operating ... More

Merck Mercuriadis, a longtime music executive who founded Hipgnosis Songs Fund, at Abbey Road Studios in London, Feb. 19, 2020. (Suzie Howell/The New York Times)

NEW YORK, NY.- Hipgnosis Songs Fund, the British company that helped kick-start the music industry’s rush for catalog deals — acquiring tens of thousands of songs by Justin Bieber, Neil Young, Shakira and others — but that has seen its share price plummet, has reached a tentative deal to sell itself to Concord, a major independent ... More

The Georgian Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia presents "The Art of Seeing - States of Astronomy"   Warhol's Birth of Venus sells for $325,000 to lead Heritage's $2.43 million Prints & Multiples Auction   The Frick appoints Jeremy Ney as Head of Music and Performance

In between Grigol Nodia. Image: Grgoire d'Ablon.

VENICE.- “The Art of Seeing – States of Astronomy” showcases 65 Maximiliana or the Illegal Practice of Astronomy, a 1964 work in the form of a book by the Georgian artist, poet, and editor Ilia Zdanevich (1894-1975) and Max Ernst (1891-1976), along with its related archives. This book is dedicated to Wilhelm Tempel (1821-1889), a German astronomer and lithographer who lived and worked in Marseille, France and ... More

Andy Warhol (1928-1987), Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus, 1482, from Details of Renaissance Paintings, 1984. Screenprint in colors on Arches paper, 25 x 37 inches.

DALLAS, TX.- Prints and multiples proved their ongoing stability and desirability in the current art market on April 16 when Heritage sold just over 100 lots — including works by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Joan Mitchell, Pablo Picasso and David Hockney — for $2,427,481 in its Prints & Multiples ... More

Ney will oversee the museum’s music and performance programming, which will resume after the reopening of its renovated Fifth Avenue home.

NEW YORK, NY.- The Frick Collection shared today the appointment of Jeremy Ney as its Head of Music and Performance. In this newly created position within the curatorial department, Ney will oversee the museum’s music and performance programming, which will resume after the reopening of its renovated Fifth Avenue home. Building ... More

Chanakya Foundation's 'Cosmic Garden' celebrates Indian artisanal traditions at La Biennale di Venezia   Heritage Auctions returns TV's first 'USS Enterprise' to Eugene Roddenberry Jr.   Museo Ca' Pesaro opens a major exhibition devoted to Armando Testa

Cosmic Garden, 2024, installation view at Salone Verde – Art & social club, Biennale Arte 2024. Photo Daniele Zoico. Courtesy Chanakya Foundation.

VENICE.- Cosmic Garden delves into a narrative suspended between ancient Indian myths, the contemporary reinterpretation of Vedic symbols and the universal value of craft. The exhibition features paintings and sculptures by Indian ... More

The long-lost, recently discovered 3-foot model was used in the show’s opening credits and the original pilot ‘The Cage’

DALLAS, TX.- The original USS Enterprise has completed its voyage home. On Saturday, Heritage Auctions Executive Vice President Joe Maddalena returned the 3-foot-long model of the Federation’s flagship, used in the original Star Trek series’ opening ... More

Installation view.

VENICE.- Ca’ Pesaro inaugurates its new 2024 season with a major exhibition devoted to Armando Testa (1917-1992). Already represented since December 2022 in the Venetian civic collections with 17 works, the Piedmontese creative genius will be at the center of a monographic survey enabling visitors to discover and ... More

More News
The Estonian Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia opens with 'Edith Karlson: Hora lupi'
VENICE.- Today, on 19 April at 12.00 Estonia opened Hora lupi by Edith Karlson, the exhibition representing Estonia at the 60th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia this year at Chiesa Santa Maria delle Penitenti. The exhibition remains open from 20 April to 24 November. The dramaturge of the exhibition is Eero Epner. The title, Hora lupi (hour of the wolf), refers to a mythical time before dawn, when things arise and disappear – an hour of deep darkness but also of transformation. It is believed to be the time of night when the most people are born and die. The exhibition’s central theme is the primitive urges of man in their banality and solemnity, explored through Karlson’s array of sculptures. The new works created for the exhibition are in direct dialogue with the historic interior of the 18th century church - no ... More

Muslims in Indonesia heed a sacred duty to the Sun and soil
JAKARTA.- The faithful gathered in an imposing modernist building, thousands of men in skullcaps and women in veils sitting shoulder to shoulder. Their leader took to his perch and delivered a stark warning. “Our fatal shortcomings as human beings have been that we treat the earth as just an object,” Grand Imam Nasaruddin Umar said. “The greedier we are toward nature, the sooner doomsday will arrive.” Then he prescribed the cure as laid out by their faith, which guides almost one-quarter of humanity. Like fasting during Ramadan, it is every Muslim’s Fard al-Ayn, or obligation, to be a guardian of the earth. Like giving alms, his congregants should give waqf, a kind of religious donation, to renewable energy. Like daily prayers, planting trees should be a habit. The environment is a central theme in the sermons of Nasaruddin, ... More

Jorie Graham's poetry of the earth and humanity, set to music
NEW YORK, NY.- Peter Sellars wanted to know more. He was in San Francisco a few years ago, attending a performance of “The No One’s Rose,” a fascinatingly idiosyncratic work of music theater that featured some of his favorite artists, from the American Modern Opera Company, and a score by young composer Matthew Aucoin. One section of the piece stood out: “Deep Water Trawling,” a setting of a poem by Jorie Graham that felt both human and not, both natural and spiritual. Most important, it seemed to have brought out something new, and special, in Aucoin’s writing. After the show Sellars, who at 66 has long been a reigning opera director, asked Aucoin, “What was that?” They decided to take the inspiration of Graham’s poetry further, starting without any specific commission. Now, ... More

In 'Suffs,' the thrill of the vote and how she got it
NEW YORK, NY.- Depicting extremes of human emotion, the oldest extant Western plays invited the citizens of ancient Greece to confront vital issues of contemporary justice. Only the men could act on them, though, because the women couldn’t vote. Perhaps Aeschylus and Euripides and the other big winners of fifth century B.C. Tony Awards will not be front-of-mind for you at “Suffs,” the musical about women’s suffrage that opened Thursday at the Music Box on Broadway. But subwaying home, feeling jubilant yet dissatisfied, I couldn’t help mulling what the show says about the uses of theater 2,500 years later. Or even 100 years later. “Suffs” traces the heroic, single-minded and sometimes dangerous campaign in its final push, from 1913 through ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920. I can’t imagine anyone who would not be thrilled ... More

No, John Mellencamp did not promote Biden onstage
NEW YORK, NY.- The song opened on cue with a “little ditty about Jack and Diane,” but then the music abruptly stopped. John Mellencamp had barely finished the second verse of his smash hit when an exchange with a heckler had clearly gotten on his nerves. “You know what?” he told concertgoers last month in Toledo, Ohio. “Show’s over.” Videos capturing the moment when the singer walked off the stage have ricocheted for weeks online. A cascade of right-wing chatter on social media has fueled the perception that Mellencamp brought it on himself by promoting President Joe Biden during the show. But that was not the case. An audio recording provided to The New York Times by Mellencamp’s representatives, and an interview with a reporter who covered the March 17 concert for The Blade in Toledo, show that the exchange ... More

Amsterdam's latest effort to fight excessive tourism: No new hotels
NEW YORK, NY.- Amsterdam has been searching for any way to rein in the number of tourists that visit the city every year. In March 2023, the city launched an ad campaign specifically targeted at British men between 18 and 35 years old, urging them to “stay away.” In July, the Dutch capital announced it would bar cruise ships from docking in the city center. The city has also long tried to control the crowds in its red-light district, where rowdy groups of tourists often cause disruptions to local residents. It has added stricter rules about smoking marijuana. It has banned new tourist shops. And still, the people keep coming. Now, the city — which is as well known for its canals and 17th century art as for its legal sex industry and easy access to marijuana — has taken one more step to further restrict the explosive growth of tourists: It is banning hotels from being built. ... More

Anaheim approves biggest redesign of Disneyland in 30 years
NEW YORK, NY.- Big changes are coming to the so-called Happiest Place on Earth. On Wednesday, the Anaheim City Council in California unanimously approved a sweeping renovation of Disneyland that will allow the creation of new attractions, shops and restaurants within the theme park resort’s existing property. It’s the biggest overhaul of Disneyland since the 1990s, city officials said. Supporting the long-term success of Disneyland, a major economic engine and the biggest employer in Anaheim, Orange County’s most populous city, “ultimately translates into city revenues that help serve the residents of Anaheim,” Ted White, the deputy city manager and planning director, said at the meeting. Another procedural vote by the council is required for final approval; it is scheduled to be held in May. Under the 40-year plan, ... More

What is a magazine now?
NEW YORK, NY.- “To be perfectly honest with you, I needed a few Americans to tell me what it means to win this award,” said David Fischer, the founder of the company Highsnobiety. Fischer was sitting in an airport in Spain, wearing a denim jacket and a designer baseball cap. About 10 days earlier, in New York City, Highsnobiety won a National Magazine Award for general excellence — its first nomination and win at the Oscars of the magazine world. “I’m not a journalist by background, nor would I consider myself a great writer,” said Fischer, 41, who lives in Berlin. He started Highsnobiety as a sneaker blog in 2005. Today it is a website that covers fashion and youth culture broadly. It is also a clothing store and clothing line and, more lucratively, a creative consultancy and production agency. In other words, Highsnobiety writes about ... More

President Grover Cleveland's signed document ushering Utah into statehood fetches $27,188 at auction
BOSTON, MASS.- A significant historical document signed by President Grover Cleveland, approving of Utah's entry as the 45th state into the Union, was sold for $27,188, as announced by Boston-based RR Auction. This unique piece of history, dated January 4, 1896, holds both historical and monetary value and is truly one of a kind. The one-page document features President Cleveland's directive to the Secretary of State to affix the Seal of the United States to his Proclamation admitting the State of Utah into the Union of States. Signed neatly at the conclusion by Grover Cleveland, this piece underscores the formality and gravity of the occasion. No other territory in the United States has had requests for statehood denied or ignored by Congress as many times as Utah. Utah's territorial government unsuccessfully applied for statehood ... More

Neue Auctions announces 'Art in Bloom', online-only, Saturday, April 27th
BEACHWOOD, OH.- A mixed media collaboration artwork between Dale Chihuly and Italo Scanga, a rare early lithograph by M.C. Escher, original paintings by Julian Stanczak and Sir Henry Raeburn, and three stoneware vessels by Claude Conover are all part of Neue Auctions’ online-only Art in Bloom auction slated for Saturday, April 27th, starting at 10 am Eastern time. “The catalog is loaded with contemporary art glass, including pieces by Chihuly, Kirkpatrick, Mace, Scanga, Brock, Weinberg, Carlson, Francis, Leppla, Novotny, Roubicek and Smith, as well as the fine contemporary by painting Stanczak and the antique portrait by Raeburn, plus sculpture and fine objects – 364 lots in total,” said Bridget McWilliams of Neue Auctions. The mixed media glass construction collaboration between Dale Chihuly (American, b. 1941) and Italo ... More

Sotheby's Spotlight: The Coronation Sale

On a day like today, French painter Odilon Redon was born
April 20, 1840. Odilon Redon (born Bertrand-Jean Redon (April 20, 1840 - July 6, 1916) was a French symbolist painter, printmaker, draughtsman and pastellist.In this image: Odilon Redon, The beasts of the sea, round like leather bottles, (detail). Plate 22 of The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1896. Lithograph. The Kirk Edward Long Collection, 2010.60.22. Plate size: 8-3/4 x 7-1/2.

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